Asylum Center at Duttweiler

What are the local thoughts on the asylum center to open in 2020.

The costs for the planned federal asylum center on the Duttweiler site in Zurich district 5 are fixed: The City Council applies for an object loan of 24.5 million Swiss francs to the municipal council. The Volksabstimmung is expected to take place in autumn 2017. Construction can begin in 2018 at the earliest.

The "Volks-Ja zum Asylgesetzrevision" ("Asylum Act") allows the Confederation and the city of Zurich to build the test center. A number of residents are coming back against the project. There are delays.

What are the local thoughts and feeling about this new asylum center coming to the neighborhood?

To make some sort of interactive data gathering of people's thoughts and perceptions about the center.

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